What is Svazen?

Everyone wants the good life. Our best lives do not come to us on a platter and we certainly cannot rely on circumstances to do the work for us.  Then how to make this happen? Our best lives happen only if we care enough and do enough to make it happen. And, it is really not an impossible or even a difficult task. With some time, care, nurturing, introspection and awareness, we can do it. But doing it all alone can get lonesome and rough, making us give up before we see any substantial results. And then we get lost in feelings of failure and a morass of self-doubts.
This is where Svazen comes in. Svazen meditations are handcrafted to help you see an exponential increase in productivity and performance. It also helps you nurture your health and relationships. The focus is on empowering you to live a life full of health, happiness, passion and contentment.
Use it as a guide, a friend who is always there to motivate you to keep going forward. Do the series to establish a habit or choose meditations based on your need…it doesn’t matter. Go through the list every time you feel the need for some help with your mood or motivation and you are guaranteed to find something on Svazen. Sit back, relax and listen and allow the audio to take you to the place that you need to be in today. A place of power and passion or a place of calm and peace – and then go back to where you left off… and feel the difference.    


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Life Unleashed

To help you get a feel for Svazen, there is a trial period during which you can access seven days of meditation practise from the Svazen Habit series. In addition to this, you will be able to sample one meditation from any four Categories of your choice.

Child Development

Child Development

For use by parents, teachers and other caregivers to help them guide children under their care towards better lives and personalities

Meditations of Children

For Children

These meditations are designed to help children cope with their own stressors and go beyond their fears to utilize their potential fully.

Mediations to improve your Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

Use these meditations to help you work towards optimum health and wellness.

Relax and Sleep better

Sleep and Relaxation

The ability to relax and sleep well is a basic human necessity and an absolute requirement for optimal health and success in life. These tracks and the 'Yoganidrae' practice will ensure you wake up rejuvenated every time you listen to them before you sleep or nap.

Meditations for you to play better


Sports today is a high intensity endeavour. It is as much a mental game as it is physical. Use the power of your mind to fuel the fire on-field. Work through these meditations diligently and see the difference!

Meditations to Study better and enjoy work

Work and Study

Education and Employment and are two key features of modern life, the pillars that support one's life in human society. These meditations are designed to help you significantly enhance your performance in these areas.

Meditations to improve yourself

Personal Development

Work through these meditations to unleash your potential and live large!

Meditations to enhance Relationships


Good relationships lay the foundation for a happy life. Use these tracks to make yours rock solid!


The meditations in Svazen are arranged and presented in an easy to use manner. You can select your preferred language when you are signing up for the App. You can also change your language preference in the profile section of the app. Explore the various topics under each category and within these categories, you will find the Meditation series that will be most appropriate for your current needs. The meditations should be done while being seated or in certain instances, you might be asked to lie down, or you will be asked to do the meditation while doing an activity. The Description of each meditation track will tell you what your body posture needs to be for that particular meditation. And remember you can add the meditations to your playlist and access them quickly!

Take the time to look at your profile page as well ...be motivated by your consistency towards living a life unleashed

The different series that you find in Svazen can be grouped into four types:-